Charming Asian Inspired Home Decor

A vast number of home decor styles exist in the world of interior design. It can be easy to get caught up in all of the different home accessories that mix, match and mingle with different styles. Asian inspired home decor, also known as oriental inspired decor, is just one of an endless list of styles for home accessories and decor.

Asian Inspired and Asian Influenced Home Accessories and Decor

His name is Siddhartha Gautama and all though his face is well-known, his true name is rarely known. He is better known as the founder of Buddhism, Buddha himself. Since a majority of Asia are Buddhists, it is no surprise that his figure, often his face or a bust, is a common home decor item, especially in the Western world. It is easily recognized and readily available, making Buddha statues and other Buddha home accessories a perfect choice for creating an Asian inspired home.

Medallions are another great choice when it comes to Asian influence in home decor. You can find medallions that are on stands or medallions that can be used as wall decor. Look for patterns that resemble those seen in Asia, but remember that it does not have to be Chinese or Japanese figures; Asian influence can also come from India, Thailand, Mongolia and several other countries.

When it comes to furniture, look for pieces that mimic the curves often seen in Asian countries. Think about the different types of architecture in the different areas, especially in Japan and China, as these are most often replicated in various furniture, such as side tables, coffee tables or media stands.

Zen gardens are another great option for Asian inspired home accessories. Plus, you can design your own or purchase a store-bought variety. Pair it with small pebbles, sand and a tiny rake so you can use it for its intended purpose.

When it comes to the color palette, you can go any number of ways. Some Asian countries rely heavily on bright, vibrant and bold colors, such as India. However, if your space is aimed to be more traditional with more Chinese or Japanese influences, you’ll want to stick with more neutral color palettes.

To bring color into the space, you’ll use your various home accessories such as the aforementioned medallion or Buddha items. Of course, don’t be afraid to mix and match your Asian style with other styles and incorporate color as you see fit. Interior design rules are more of guidelines, so don’t be afraid to break them!

Overall, the average Asian inspired home decor is typically about creating a Zen-like space. A space that is appealing but also relaxing. These are just a few options for finding Asian inspired home decor, other ideas could include leaf or bamboo carved motifs, Chinoiserie style items and paper lanterns.

Elegant Christmas Decorations

Trying to define what elegant Christmas decorations are can be quite difficult. It’s one of those things that is hard to explain but you know it when you see it.

Elegant Christmas decorations add just the right feel and ambiance to your home. Of course, it helps if you have an elegant home and furnishings to start with. You wouldn’t want to add elegant Christmas decorations to a cabin in the woods furnished with very rustic furniture. It just wouldn’t work!

However when it comes to elegant decorations, you will find that most people have different ideas of exactly what it is. It’s fairly easy to say what it isn’t, but defining what it is, is another matter.

Almost every time, you will notice that Christmas decorations look much better than other decorations. Not that they have to be super expensive or overly ornate. They are used to set the mood and tone of your home for the Christmas season.

These decorations exude quality; quality of material and quality of workmanship. Nothing less will do.

If you don’t already have decorations that are elegant and will fit into your decor then you need to start purchasing what you need. To find elegant Christmas decorations you won’t be going to the discount stores. Most of the time you can find what you need in your local specialty stores and shops. Many of these stock really nice decorations and will be quite happy to help you make your selections.

If there is something that you can’t find locally then search for it on the internet. With a little patience you can find everything that you need.

If you haven’t yet started decorating for Christmas then now is the time to get started. There are a number of books and magazines that can help you get started with your elegant decorations.

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself or if you are afraid to tackle the project then hire an interior decorator. Find one in your area that has used elegant Christmas decorations to enhance the look and feel of an already elegant home.

To begin with, the Christmas season should be all about celebrating. Never let that very important part get displaced in all of the work the time of year requires. Cultivate relationships as well as family customs. All of these are the times when family traditions are created and memories made. In fact, even Christmas decorating catastrophes could one day become the stuff of family stories.

Blending Styles: Contemporary Decor and Mid-Century Modern Furniture

It is not unusual for a person to be drawn to a number of different home decor styles. With so many beautiful, unique styles out there, it can be difficult to pick just one style and stick to the home accessories and decor within said chosen style. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to mix two different styles together, including mixing home accessories and other items. Here are a few tips and tricks on blending contemporary decor and Mid-Century Modern Furniture.

About Contemporary and Mid Century Modern

Mid century modern and contemporary home decor are two different styles that are frequently blended together for a number of reasons. Contemporary decor features sleek but softened lines and details. Much like mid century modern, which features clean lines and is anything but fussy with detailing.

That being said, these two styles are a perfect choice for blending together.

Choosing Different Furniture Pieces to Suit the Space

When choosing furniture, there are a number of methods you can employ. First, you can choose to work entirely with mid century modern styled furniture. Or, you can choose to work entirely with contemporary furniture. You can choose to mix and match pieces from the two styles.

If you have the budget, you can also opt to have custom-made pieces that incorporate details from both styles. You could also hire a professional interior designer to find the right furniture pieces that already encompass these two styles.

In short, with contemporary and mid century modern, there is no wrong answer when mixing the two styles together. Remember, both of these styles are relatively clean and therefore, blend easily, even if you’re an amateur designer.

Color Palette

When it comes to color for these two home decor styles, it can be a bit more difficult to find the right hues. Contemporary colors tend to be subdued and muted, whereas mid century modern can go a number of ways but do include bolder versions of muted hues as well as bright, vibrant hues such as poppy red, mustard yellow or cobalt blue.

The easiest solution is to blend a neutral color palette with pops of color. This does not mean you have to include pops of color that are excessively bright, but you can also choose to include pops of colors that are simply accent colors to your base color palette. For example, if you’ve got a warm beige color palette, you can include a shade of rich brown or an earthy red.

Home Accessories

Finally, much like with the rest of the items in these two home decor styles, you can actually mix and match when it comes to the different home accessories and decor pieces out there. Consider mixing mid century wall art prints with contemporary accent pieces for a blended, effortless look.

The real trick for melding these two different home decor styles together is to simply get started. In fact, when you’re looking to blend two different styles (no matter what they are,) you’ll find that things become much easier when you just take the plunge and get started.